Monday, November 9, 2009

85th Anniversary Celebration

Brothers, I hope all of the alumni had as much fun as the active chapter did this past Weekend. I can honestly say that it was great planning the event and meeting all of you. We are planning on doing an alumni weekend every fall and look forward to all of you coming back again. We have some left over money from registrations and will be using that to re-paint parts of the house that really need it. I will be posting pictures of what we fix up soon. Thanks again to everyone who came, we enjoyed learning more about our chapter and sharing common experiences. A number of you wanted to help out Jeff Danzy who worked so hard for our house for over 43 years if you would like to help him out please contact our House Dad Dennis Hamm at 352-316-2111. I know some of you said you would like to help out with certain things at the house like the carpet, if so please email me at We look forward to furthering our alumni relations. Go Gators!

In hoc,

Brett Owens

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