Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Update/Alumni Weekend


I hope everyone's fall is going great, and you all are enjoying Gator football season as much as we are here in Gainesville. As far as the chapter house and active brotherhood goes, everything is going great. We are making several improvements as far the financial situation goes, and the house looks excellent after the $70,000+ of renovations completed this summer, and the brothers are doing a great job respecting all of the old and new fixtures. We also just recently finished rush and have several excellent pledge brothers in the Fall 2010 pledge class this semester.

As has been stated earlier this summer, alumni weekend will fall on homecoming this year, October 16th vs. Mississippi State. Just like last year, on Friday night the house will be open to alumni and the dining room will have food setup, along with a fully stocked, top shelf bar in the band room. On Saturday, as usual the house will be hosting a tailgate barbeque paired with the beautiful ladies of Tri Delta, and depending on the time of the game we will have burgers and dogs either before or after the game. Prices and further details will be provided as things fall into place, and I will continue to keep all of you updated on this awesome weekend.

On a more somber note, as I am sure many of you have seen and heard, former Gamma Theta brother Thomas Maresco, a Spring 06 passed away on September 3rd. He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho, and allegedly got shot in a robbery attempt. We will be holding a memorial service for him on September 25th prior to the Kentucky game, and will also be having his family here. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through these extremely difficult times.

If you have any questions regarding Tom or the alumni dinner feel free to email me at, or this address,

In Hoc,
Christian Thomas
Gamma Theta Alumni Chair


  1. Christian - My son, Holt Baker, is a pledge this Fall. I hope to keep up with the goings-on at the Sig house via your blog. If there is an "official" website I would like to get that too. My wife and I and my younger son will be paying a visit to Holt this Sunday and I will try to look you up. In the meantime, don't yell at him TOO much! In hoc - Dan Baker AO '79

  2. Did Peace Corps have the police report in country or was it a US federal investigation about how he was murdered? Is Peace Corps investigating with OIG to determine how he died? Does Peace Corps have a date and cause of death?